2ks/Set Kuchyňské Nářadí Skládací Silikonový Cedník Ovoce, Zeleniny, Mytí Koš Sítko Skládací Odkapávač Balení S Box

136.04 Kč 143.10 Kč

  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Funkce: Eco-Friendly
  • Číslo Modelu: CLZ-box
  • Typ: Cedníky A Sítka

Štítky: kuchyňské sítko, koš na prádlo izgara, kuchyňské vybavení, storag koš, sada ženy, sítko, kuchyně nástroj, box storag, miska odkapávač, pro kuchyňská sada.

I already had such a colander only white red, but unfortunately he broke think from boiling water, yesterday I received my download, I will try it in business, thanks to the seller
Good evening again Mr. AliEXpress at the same time to all Asus colabolators valoraccion of the two green silicone colators the accuracy is the misms that in the photo oh still better only as they were badly bent maybe it will break before But you have no importanccia are two colators that when cooking and washing vegetables are practical? Seller valoraccion as the same as always are very polite boys you have asu serviccio are correct and very cordial nothing has said about your educated collaborators third value speed all I attend very fast is the first time that I'm also treated? Value from the right and well-educated seller a co ver sacion of the most kind value rapoidez all was by mrjor the seller prepared his package very well eho and received it quickly made it a very well done package,, the seller's value is very cordia and very simpantico and also very polite to attend a boy see
87 Stoyanov
Packing so-so. A little crumpled on the way, but the colander was not damaged. Similar to what you can buy here, but a little cheaper.
igual que la foto tengo que probarlo pero muy bien y muy bien empaquetado

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