48 Barev/Sada Kulatý Tvar 70*11mm olejový Pastel pro Umělce, Studenty, Kreslení Pero Školní Psací potřeby Výtvarné Potřeby Vosk Pastelka

217.04 Kč 228.46 Kč

  • Barva Množství: 48 Barev
  • Smazatelný, Nebo Ne: No
  • Množství V Balení: 48 Barev/Box

Štítky: pastelové měkké, desky pastely, pastelové, olejové barvy hůl, barvy faber castel, lesklý vosk pastelky, voda pastelky, pastelové sekund, pastelka wax, pozadí pastelové.

Liu Zero1986
The seller sent for a very long time, but came in less than a month. It turns out sent the wrong product, which in the photo, other packing and 50 colors. But I needed exactly the one that the seller sent. so I'll put in 5 stars. In fact, I have not tried it yet, I bought it for toning foamiran, maybe I'll add a review later. Made in China, original, not original, nothing to compare with, since for the first time I use the pastel Minguo
The order came much later than it said. I opened dispute, the seller told me more than a month ago that they would refund my money and I'm still waiting, I'm just getting long. Terrible management and terrible communication from the seller. I don't recommend it.

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